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Product Manager 1


Development Gurgaon Year of Experience : 3+


Knowledge and Skills Requirements

Expected to possess an excellent skill in business, marketing, and sales

Should be goal oriented and self-motivated

Excellent in analytical, logical, and mathematical skills

Good written and oral communication skills

Strong research skills

Job Description:


Some of the basic duties of the assistant product manager will include monitoring and assisting tasks involved in product design, execution, pricing, pitch, launch, training, and product effectiveness analysis

Support the senior product manager in decision making and ensuring that the quality and strengths of the product are not compromised

Assist in product feature prioritization, execution, and timelines adherences

Assist in the development of go-to market strategies to promote a product

Analyze all aspects of marketing and production such as analyzing competitors and reports

Check the efficiency of the implemented product development and marketing strategies

Stakeholder management of internal design, development, QA teams

Follow agile methodology of development



2-3 years of work experience as a product management / UI/UX designer / product development/ project manager/ business analyst

Bachelor’s degree in one of the following courses listed: business management, finance, communication, marketing, and other related fields of studies. 

MBA in Strategy/ Marketing is a plus


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