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Project Manager 1


Development Gurgaon Year of Experience : 5-10


  • 5+ years project management experience in I.T.
  • ITIL or ITSM certifications preferred. PMP certifications preferred .
  • 5+ years project management experience in I.T.
  • Detail-oriented
  • Thrives in collaborative environment.
  • Good communications skills, with customers, team and stakeholders
  • Business & IT strategy experience
  • Customer-focused mindset
  • Knowledge of related software tools

Job Description:

  • Create manage project plans
  • Define project schedules, allocate resources and monitor progress
  • Align project objectives with company goals, and make sure project team is clear on objectives
  • Deliver and install technology solutions
  •  Help project team with the design and development tasks
  •  Lead process of issue identification and resolution
  •  Manage risk tracking process
  • Monitor and manage scope
  •  Manage all documentation
  • Work multiple projects simultaneously
  • Foster partnership with customers/stakeholders/sponsors
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