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"As this year comes to a close, there is much to reflect on and many reasons to be thankful. Like last year, 2021 brought changes and unexpected challenges. By believing in our vision and following our mission as a guidepost, we remained optimistic and together, we achieved several significant achievements throughout 2021.With the world accelerating toward digital transformation, we are committed to driving innovation to provide our clients competitive, quality and disruptive solutions in 2022 and beyond. I wish you a happy new year, however you may celebrate, and a wonderful start to 2022 with your family in a safe environment!" Mandeep Singh, Founder & Chairman

"Bye bye 2021 - Thanks but No Thanks We are getting over with a second consecutive pandemic hit year, with early indicators of possibly yet another one in the making. How do we react? What’s there to welcome in 2022?

Well, to me the glass is half full. We made it this far and if anything the last two years have taught me the most, it is to truly be thankful about waking up every morning with a grateful heart.

If 2021 was the year we regrouped and took control of our lives back, albeit partially, 2022 will be the year when we will certainly make even greater strides towards normalcy.I am very hopeful on the Business Front too. AGL outperformed most of the Hakuhodo APAC Entities on Business revival front and we will continue to march forward.There are very serious considerations internally in the Hakuhodo Network of our proposal to make India an export focussed country - where we export our services, processes and people to different parts of the Hakuhodo Network. This will bring huge growth opportunities to the ambitious and deserving ones among you all to grow and help AGL realize it’s goal of creating more than 3000 High-Tech Jobs in India by 2025.So stay hopeful, don’t lose the person-to-person touch, spend more time with your Parents and family and don’t let negativity affect you. There is a finite time we all have and lets make the most of it.

Rakesh Yadav, Founder & CEO

Good Bye 2021: Leaders Note

Leadership Speaks on AGL Big Wins 2021

People Who Joined AGL in the Month of December

We will come across a lot of new faces when we are back. Here is a list that will help you get acquainted with their names as of now:

The Star Performers for the month of November are:

Parle G
Parle G uses minimalistic approach to amplify their messaging. While the offices were reopening after the second wave of pandemic hit the country, Parle G used venn diagram to emphasise on the importance of ‘biscuit’ and ‘chai’ at home as well as in office.
Swiggy Instamart
Swiggy Instamart used Vaseline to showcase the difference in degree of coldness in two different cities of India. Vaseline is used to moisturise and hydrate our skin during the winter season and it has different consumption capacity at different places.
Amul celebrated the victory of Harnaz Sandhu on winning the Miss Universe title through word play and creative illustration.
During the wedding season, Fevicol took a quirky take on the Indian weddings by amplifying their communication of Mazboot Jod.
Dunzo used one creative to tap in-on three trending topics which were doing rounds during the month of August.

Industry Findings

Paytm Soundbox for Verified Transactions

Paytm calls for a petition to install Paytm SoundBox at weddings. A Soundbox will be a talking AI that will allow the receiver to know OUT-LOUD how much have the depositor transferred esp during times like Wedding, Cab Drivers etc. - This will be in various languages that will be helpful for single language knower.

#WeddingSeason #Paytm #FestiverMarketing

Jo Aya hai vo Jayega bhi

A very strategic marketing technique used to attract promising customers and building a customer-service provider relationship. Quite a strategic post.

#Paytm #BrandMarketing #EmpatheticMarketing

2 Million Customers - Appreciation Post

"We're officially TWO MILLION customers strong and counting Thank you for trusting us with your groceries, which btw, probably falls into one of these types (unless we missed something)
Use #SwiggyInstamart on the @swiggyindia app to get your groceries delivered in 15-30 mins."

#SwiggyInstamart #Swiggy #BrandMarketing
#AppreciationPost #Celebratory #InformativePost

"Flipkart in talks to lead $100-million funding round in Ninjacart "

Flipkart is in advanced talks to lead a new funding round of about $100 million in fresh produce supply chain startup Ninjacart, people briefed on the matter said. This will be one of the largest investment rounds by the e-commerce major in a startup as it races to expand its footprint in India’s fast growing online grocery business.

#BrandGrowth #MarketingEvolution #Funding #Flipkart #MarketingEvolution

How Falguni Nayar Led Nykaa to a Successful IPO

“I left Kotak on March 31 and on April 1, I was in the process of incorporating the company,” says Nayar. “A lot of people said that since I had quit work after so long, I should take a break. But I just wanted to go ahead.”

#NykaaIPO #FalguniNayar #Nykaa #IPO #AwarenessOriented

Users turn to Twitter after Facebook outage. Jokes and venting ensue.

Some companies used the opportunity to market their products. Netflix tweeted an image from its new hit show “Squid Game” showing a contestant in the series labeled as “Twitter” holding up and saving the life of a contestant labeled “Everyone.”

#ServerDown #InstagramDown #FacebookDown

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