Sometimes you have to run before you can walk

This is all I thought before taking up the Mumbai and Bangalore office, having said that there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. Knowing is easier but walking the path becomes less tougher when each one of your team members understand that teamwork makes the dream work. I have been fortunate to have a great team that is equally passionate about growing the business and making a mark. 
In the last four months we as a team not only activated multiple large and midscale brands across Mumbai and Bangalore but also won a few pitches. I would like to thank the AGL family for their excellent support..
Avinash Saxena Associate Vice President - Digital Strategy

Introducing Digital EOI’s to Chennai Real Estate

The advent of covid created a deep dependence on digital transformation for most brands. TVS Emerald, a traditional real estate company faced the biggest challenge of launching a new project amidst COVID-19.

After much discussions, we materialized the assets for digital EOI& #39;s where any prospective buyer will be able to block the price of his/her apartment with a cheque of 1L and later be allowed to chose an apartment of their choice on first come first serve basis. 

This created an humongous interst amongst prospective buyers. The biggest advantage of this model was that the cancellation rate was less than 2% as compared to the industry average of apartment cancellation of 15% after paying advance! 

This revolutionized the client's approach towards a project launch. 
Through efficient campaigning, the brand has sold 100+ units within 45 days.

This campaign is now refered to as one of the best launch campaigns during the covid period and we are continuing to follow a similar process for all the new project launches.

Noor Mohamed Business Head-South

People Who Joined AGL in the Month of July

We will come across a lot of new faces when we are back. Here is a list that will help you get acquainted with their names as of now:

The brand is addressing the Manali situation in India, how people are running towards hill stations after restrictions ease up. Swiggy is trying to make people aware that covid is still present and we will need to take covid safe precautions.
Thums Up
Thumbs up shows its support for the Indian athletic contingent, which will represent the country in the Tokyo Olympics.
On the occasion of Doctor's Day, PharmEasy reminded us yet again how the nation’s doctors and healthcare workers are working hard in this war against Corona.
This was OLA’s response to the lockdown unlock where-in they had tried to drive an emotional narrative where various drivers were now returning to their livelihoods from their villages and hometowns, a subtle message to let the audience know they’re back to full functionality

The Star Performers for the month of June are:

Its Hope Around !!

Size matters: Smaller cities can be perfect for startups

The Economic Survey of 2018-2019 stated that 16,500 startups were registered by March 2019, and a whopping half of that figure was from tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India.

#IndianStartups #SmallerCities

Small towns like Kasaragod, Bahraich, Dhenkanal, and others are big on WhatsApp ecommerce

The report revealed that consumers from Bharat bought a variety of products, from grocery to electronics, with a product bought on Bikayi every four seconds.

#WhatsAppEcommerce #SmallIndianTowns

2 Friends & A Unique Subscription Deliver Fresh Darjeeling Tea To Your Doorstep

This model hinges on seasonal harvests in spring (first flush), summer (second flush), monsoon (third flush) and autumn (flush). While the first and second flush get exported, the latter two are sold in India.

#EmergingSmallBusinesses #SubscriptionModel

Tamil Nadu Man Invents Cashmere-like, Vegan Wool From Wild Dry-land Shrubs

After working in the fashion sector for several years, Shankar decided to look at ways in which sustainable fabric could be derived from plants like hemp and banana.

#SmallTownInnovations #VeganWool

78,533 new companies registered in 2021 so far; Maharashtra leads: Covid-19 second wave fails to dampen new founders

It seems like Covid-19 didn't hamper India's entrepreneurial spirit—78,522 new companies were registered in India in the Jan-Jun period this year, higher than the same period in 2020 and 2019; Maharashtra saw the most number of new companies registered

#NewStartups #EntreneurialSpirit

Some small town startups in India

Despite being in non-innovative portions of our country these companies are surely breaking all the stereotypes and paving a way of success. A fifth of India’s startups are now found to be in small cities and towns that are now being counted are small startup hubs.

#EmergingStartups #IndianSmallTowns

AGL Cornerstone

Siddharth Grover Associate Vice President

For any business client retention plays a very important role. The most important part is to understand client requirement and provide the right solution at the right time.

Engaging and having frequent meetings with the clients help us to have a strong relationship with them and it gives us more opportunity to understand their needs, so that we can pitch them with the other services as and when required. 

Setting up clear expectation also plays a vital role in retaining clients. Having Transparency and well
defined SOW’s helps to gain the trust of the client.

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