March 2021 Issue

Undeniably, Covid19 has thrown us all out of our comfort zones and pushed us to function with limited resources around the clock. As a result of this deeply penetrated sense of uncertainty, many of us have only further invested time & effort into keeping ourselves occupied with work.

However, this task-oriented 24/7 strive has led to a sort of creative fatigue from which we all will take a long time to recover if we do not rework our recurring patterns. So, for a change, how about we add a bit of pause & play to our work->eat->work->scroll->sleep loop? How about we let the creative juices flow as we embrace the hypothetical play-challenges and find newer ways to win through each time?

You see, playing does more than allowing a person to come up with unique ideas; it also allows the individuals to confidently express themselves in creative ways without being afraid of failing, resulting in the enhancement of flexibility, memory and the willingness to experiment & evolve.

And ultimately, fresh perspectives & hacks gained from playful-activities can be applied in creatively solving the most complicated business problems and designing winning solutions.

After all, to live to our fullest as creative individuals, we need vibrancy in life which comes when we let ourselves have a variety of experiences and interactions

A few TED talks in extension to this take on pause & play-

People Who Joined AGL in the Month of March

We will come across a lot of new faces when we are back. Here is a list that will help you get acquainted with their names as of now:


The Star Performers for the month of February are:

Industry Bytes

AGL Cornerstone

Karan Narang Vice President - Strategy
Going the Phygital Way

The pandemic has taught us many things but the most important one is the need to remodel quickly. Businesses like restaurants, automotive dealerships, banks, etc. that rely on face-to-face interaction or physical touchpoints are the ones that get impacted a lot when such incidents happen.

When the virus scare increased, we quickly regrouped and brainstormed with our partners on this aspect. Take the case of our automotive partners; we realized that the Service side of their business will get impacted the most. Thus, there was a need to redesign the customer journey and make it completely contact-free.

We quickly re-engineered one of our existing modules and built a contact-free Service Appointment journey for their customers. With this new functionality, customers could not only book a car service online but also send a voice note to the technician to help them understand the exact issues like they used to do before the pandemic.

This was launched in April 2020 and today, 15,000+ customers are using this feature daily which is helping our partners serve the customers seamlessly. We are currently working on a similar project for the Sales journey as well which will enable their customers to have a showroom-like experience while sitting comfortably at home.

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