May 2021 Issue

The most challenging times bring the most empowering lessons.

While we are still sailing through the effects of COVID-19 and seeing the impact grow closer in our environment, there are a few lessons that the pandemic has yielded.
Prevention is Power

From what we eat to how we maintain our hygiene has taken a focal point in our lives today and has redesigned our habits in a big way.

Our Minds Matter

While COVID-19 has prompted new worries, it has also made us slow down and be mindful of things and people who really matter in our lives and to be around them in all times .Just dropping a note with a simple Hello and asking for well-being has become a gesture of staying in touch.

De-Stressing is important

Despite the frustration of being confined at home and working from home, a destressing routine or activity like Yoga, meditation or learning any life skill make us recharge our health batteries and cope with the mental hardships we are going through these times.

Together we are a team

The pandemic has brought everyone closer as a single unit not just as a family but also as a work unit. Helping each other in whatever smallest way possible has brought so much connectedness despite sitting remotely.

Talking in the specific context of our AGL Family, there has been so much connectedness across functions beyond work in recent times that is quite exemplary and defines the core values that we stand upon. From sharing information around OC’s to bed availability to medicine procurements, helping each other has been the core idea of everyone.

With initiatives like Pharmacy discounts, Procurement of Oxygen Concentrators for Employees, cab facilities to help employees stuck away from hometowns to reach safely, Elder care with EMOHA, initiating corporate tie-ups for vaccination Drive, Meditation and healing sessions AGL’s leadership has taken all ways and initiatives to support the teams.

While we still await the ultimate outcome and diminishing effects of COVID-19, certainly it has made us realize that we become stronger when we act together. The lessons that we learn and the positive choices that we make for ourselves and society at large will all contribute in making a meaningful difference tomorrow.
Let's all make our contribution for a better tomorrow!

Jyoti Sarwan Senior Manager- HR

People Who Fought Covid & Won (Reason for Hope)

People Who Joined AGL in the Month of May

We will come across a lot of new faces when we are back. Here is a list that will help you get acquainted with their names as of now:


The Star Performers for the month of April are:

Its Hope Around !!

AGL Cornerstone

Dev Mitra Roy Associate Creative Director
A Note to Solidarity

There was too much happening, there was too much pent up, there was too much happening. So, the elephant in the room was to be talked about, so here am I.

Incidentally, this was the best platform to emote. Last few months have been tough, tough for everyone reading this; tough to express, tough to manage, tough to assimilate, tough to move on. We have seen the worst possible; from separation to alienation; we are actually living the worst. When the pandemic started, we never imagined what we are heading for; some thought it would last for few days, some thought for few months, and fewer thought it would be an year long. Today when at the peak of the second wave of pandemic, we have an unforeseen future ahead of us.

But am I writing to eulogise this virus, or make it feel like it has won. NO! This pandemic has lost its battle. And glamorously. Today I sit to narrate a story of experience through all these months, which just comes to prove, we have, as individuals, we have, as an organisation, we have, as a race have emerged successful.

I have so many things to share on this. When I wake up at odd hours and check my phone, people are still sharing information on beds, cylinders and life. I see Abhinav’s message of coordination, Karan’s text of getting things done, Rakesh writing to people personally on well being. I suddenly move to our Team Group, where Tripti is sharing Ankur’s workload, because he was little held up on being positive. Ritesh asked Garima to forward all the mails; and just take care of herself. And the instances go on. In some parallel conversation, Jyoti is helping to get urgent resources, so the work doesn’t get hampered. Clients are taking

it easy so that we have an easy recovery. When I was positive with the Virus, the only message I got from Sushant was ‘Tu apna dhyan rakh, baaki hum dekh lenge’; however Sayantani was not at all brief, and wrote 4 odd paragraphs of how I should take care of myself as I was battling it all alone. And the rounds of goodness kept on travelling.

I had profound rounds of conversation with Shweta on how we should go about preventing it from spreading; When were in office for a brief time, we ensured on the number of people who came to office, how we travelled, how we connected and how we cared. Everyday when there would be any text coming to any individual for help; be it a colleague’s friend’s father or some distant acquaintance of another colleague’s family; we jumped into it as if it was our own battle. We have gone through, and as I type, are going through difficult days of operations and work management; however we have ensured we do not kill the spirit within us. Even at the peak of the emergency, whether we are an Executive, a Manager, an AVP or the Founder; we have succeeded to keep the human within us alive. And that is what matters, that is what always mattered.

I feel an exceptional sense of pride and honour, to be a part of an organisation, a culture, a wave which is called AGL. We do not do great things always, but we definitely aim to do it right everytime. Till today I was a part of the AGL family, but today I feel I am AGL.

The fleeting thought - If I could write a whole article without naming the protagonist of the article, all of us together can definitely write a future without it. Let’s fight better, let’s fight harder. Love & Light!

In Remembrance of
Pradeep Verma

A smiling face, pleasant demeanour and unmistakable humility!

Pradeep wasn't just an asset to the organisation, he was someone who touched the lives of those around him with his kindness and optimistic outlook. As a professional, he was sincere and had a strong sense of ownership towards his work commitments. But what I admired the most in him was the way he treated everyone, with respect and compassion. That's the hallmark of a good human being.

In the grand scheme of the Universe, we are like a grain of sand and there are things that are beyond our control. It's unfortunate that Pradeep left us too soon, but the time he spent with us and the memories he has left behind, would inspire us to act with kindness and look out for each other. Wherever he is, I'm sure he is still smiling and spreading love. I'll miss having him around.

Rest in peace, mate!

Chinmay Singh Director - Program Management