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“When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home.”

Betty Bender

When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute. With the organization driven by strong ethos of Mindfulness, Employee wellness and compassion stands paramount. AGL has always believed that employees are its critical assets and need to be treated with all fairness and love. At the end of the day, A Happy Employee is an Engaged Employee.

Having a strong culture of Human Connect and a sense of belongingness, teams at AGL resonate a common feeling of mutual affection. The COVID pandemic reinforced this culture statement through innumerable examples of colleagues rendering all plausible support in situations of dire needs. The COVID Times have seen right from an individual employee to the top management come together and extend helping hand to those in need. From organizing Oximeters for the affected to announcing Paid COVID Leaves to setting up a helpline unit, ‘AGL Care’ for providing any necessary arrangement and information pertaining to hospitals, medicines, and more; AGL has been a frontier in spreading love and compassion to its teams.

The most pathbreaking initiative that we recently announced is the ‘WFH Policy for New Mothers’ that acknowledges the demanding life of new mothers and provides the flexibility to take due care of their little ones during the primitive years without compromising their professional careers.

Not to miss the well-established Women Cell and a defined POSH Committee that specially caters to the concerns of the female colleagues and provides a platform for them to connect and engage. The list goes exhaustive with Outbounds and a plethora of activities and other engagements.

The Season of Love is not limited to a month or a day. For the ‘AGL Family’ as we call it, it’s an everyday feeling of care and compassion and it is weaved in the very grain of life at AGL.

Spreading Care & Love to all!

Jyoti Sarwan Senior Manager-HR
Jyoti Sharwan

People Who Joined AGL in the Month of February

We will come across a lot of new faces when we are back. Here is a list that will help you get acquainted with their names as of now:

The Star Performers for the month of January are:

Burger King
The valentines week brought in a number of opportunities for brands to speak to the right sets of audiences around a number of topics and offerings, enter Burger King. Understanding the common notion that not everyone has a date on the day, and some relationships are usually defined as being ‘just friends’ the brand picked it up and launched their own ‘Just friends’ combo for the duration of the week. Moment marketing used to its fullest.
Good Dot
Leveraging the optimal balance between Neeraj Chopra’s immense popularity and following, and his association with health fitness, Good Dot created a series of advertisements showing Neeraj in situation where one would have made a common mistake, but GoodDo(a spin on the word Guddu) stops him and corrects him, bringing-in a clever play with the brands original offering and the underlying message
Tata Cliq
On the unfortunate demise of the greatest and the most influential singer the nation has seen, Tata Cliq paid their respects to Lata Mangeskar Ji in their own way and communication creating a loving blend between the brand’s communication and the great singer
Highlighting the current Ukraine and Russia tensions, Amul let out a very subtle yet very effective message promoting a message of peace and harmony with their oh-so-usual clever word play and messaging.
No one speaks ‘doorstep’ for a brand in recent history than the ICONIC dialogue ACP Pradyuman says to his Inspector Daya, Dunzo leverages on the same explaining their truly lighting fast delivery

Industry Updates

How Mondelez India made Valentine’s Day a celebration for everyone

“While Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk’s ‘How far will you go to make them Blush’ campaign set the hearts fluttering, Cadbury 5Star with its limited-edition Valentines’ Day Packaging gave the consumers an opportunity to scan the QR code and win exciting prizes through the 5Star Nothing Coin website.

#ValentinesDay2022 #MarketingCampaign #Cadbury #MondelezIndiaFoods

Best Said With SKINN

Skinn by Titan dished out a film that captures what it means to love someone, and how it means different things for different people. For some it means finding joy in their partner’s annoying habits, and for some it means feeling reassured just by someone’s presence around them

#ValentinesDay2022 #MarketingCampaign #SkinnByTitan

Spotify | This Is Our Song

We all have that “one song” with that one person, and Spotify’s celebrating exactly that this Valentine’s Day.

#ValentinesDay2022 #MarketingCampaign #SpotifyIndia

Volkswagen midsize sedan for India to have its global unveil on March 8

Both Skoda and Volkswagen are betting big on mid-size sedan space at a time when the segment has been on a very noticeable decline.

#Volkswagen #MidSizeSegment #GlobalUnveil

Zomato Shares Crashed to All-time Low But Twitter Was High on These Memes

Zomato Shares Crashed to All-time Low But Twitter Was High on These Memes

#Zomato #ShareMarket #MarketCrash #ViralMemes

6 startups are ensuring access to mental healthcare using tech

With more than half of its user base outside India, the startup offers an app for both Android and iOS users

#MentalHealth #StartupIndia #NewTech

AGL Cornerstone

Abhinav Nayyar Content Head
Stay True To Your Brand Philosophy in the Season of Love

Content and the strategies around it can be a beautiful conundrum at times. You can build them, execute them, and measure them in metrics like affinity, intent, reach, engagement, conversions, and a whole lot more. But is efficacy the only end-goal, a validation of sorts that tells a brand ‘to stop right there’?

Take the Season of Love for example. It does present a tangible premise to ponder on these lines. Brands can always take the easy way out, no harm done whatsoever, and do the needful. But where’s the fun in that? Instead, the juice is in understanding how your brand fits into the narrative and conceptualizing an overarching thought that celebrates not just the occasion but your brand as well.

‘Love’ itself has so many connotations and it’s up to the brands to make the most of it. Planning to align your communication for the occasion? Make your brand the ‘hero’ of it.

Thinking of a contest you can run? Devise it in a manner that your audience comes for the ‘brand first, gratification second’.
Rolling out offers? Let your ‘brand’s personality’ be at the heart of driving your sales.

It is, of course, easier said than done. But if a marketer’s plight can elicit customer delight, then it’s well worth its weight in ‘brand goals’.

Till next time.

How Product Marketing Ideas are Driven by Book Love!

Books (stories to be precise) play an integral role in product marketing in this closely knit metaverse. It’s all stories at the end of the day that we are consuming and selling. Some are short forms; some are long, and some are narratives in visuals/video format.

Let’s decode a couple of product marketing stories that have drawn inspiration from books and have been a rage.

Case 01

Short story vending machines were installed to transport London commuters/hustlers into their own fantasy land.

Covering genres from sci-fi to romance and children’s fiction, the stories by classic authors including Virginia Woolf, Lewis Carroll and Charles Dickens, Anthony Horowitz were focused on this project.

The fact that it saves all of us from the guilt of not being able to finish big goals(books) and this counts as accomplishment of finishing smaller nuggets of stories; is a masterstroke in itself.

The back of these slips can be commissioned with print ads for a higher brand recall and awareness front. Readers are less likely to dump these chits due to a high affinity quotient towards books and stories.

“It is the custom-intent/in-market targeting in the offline space for Bibliophiles”

As a next step, these slips can be converted digitally and passed on via feeds to people subscribing to it. And then through relevant cohorts, they can be targeted towards driving awareness portfolios from relevant brands, depending on their personas.

Case 02

Game Of Thrones

GoT’s books and TV series had a phenomenal fanbase that kept the show at the top for over a decade. It certainly did help the brand managers draw inspiration and acted as a catalyst in utilising the same in their product communications and positioning.

Oreo focused on the finale by embossing the houses in contention from the throne on their cookies. Additionally, to add more fuel to the fire, they also re-created the iconic Game of Thrones opening title sequence with Oreo Cookies, that was embraced so generously across the community-

Well to sum it up, books are uniquely portable Marketing tools that can help your brands become invincible.

May the Books be with you, marketeers!
Lalit Vijay Group Head - Servicing
Lalit Vijay

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