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When you pitch your solutions to a new customer, you’re telling a story. When you deliver instructions to a team or educate a classroom, you’re telling a story. When you build a PowerPoint presentation for your next sales review, you’re telling a story. When you sit down for a job interview and the recruiter asks about your previous experience, you’re telling a story. When you craft an email, write a blog or Facebook post, or record a video for your company’s YouTube channel, you’re telling a story. But there’s a difference between a story and a good story. Unlike the former, the latter builds trust, boosts sales, and inspires people to dream bigger.

They say data is the new oil in the 21st century. True that. But ideas are more important because they are the engines of growth. In the information age, the knowledge economy, we are only as valuable as our ideas. Story is the means by which we transfer those ideas to one another. And Good Storytelling is the act of framing an idea as a narrative to inform, illuminate, engage and inspire. Backed by data, fused with analogy plus metaphor and delivered with passion without committing itself to cliches, it is possible to transform an idea into a good story that will sell on its own.

But can it create valuable virality that can be sustainable over the years? I call this the acid test. My favourite example from popular culture is the Hindi film Sholay. We remember so many little sequences from it, whether it be the many comedic interludes, the action set-pieces, the dramatic high moments, the struggles against adversities, the tragic consequences, the different shades of romance— all of these have an individual existence apart from being a part of the film. As a mark of distinction, it uses the feudal backdrop, without committing itself to the codes that usually govern rural representations. Right across the eras- from the analog to the digital, this "living idea" has spawned countless imitations and tributes in the form of myths, memes and meta references. In perfect sync with the film’s poster that prophetically summed it up as the “greatest story ever told”.

Tathagata Chatterjee Executive Vice President -
Strategic Account Planning

People Who Joined AGL in the Month of January

We will come across a lot of new faces when we are back. Here is a list that will help you get acquainted with their names as of now:

The Star Performers for the month of December are:

Social Campaigns with Best Story

Paytm Women’s Day Social Experiment
To shed light on the seemingly insignificant topic of financial literacy and to open the eyes of everyone about women not being given the right knowledge about it from a very young age, Paytm launched their campaign #FinanciallyEqual on Women’s Day to spread the much-needed awareness.
Gift of Sleep
As part of their CSR, Duroflex launched ‘Gift of Sleep’ campaign in partnership with The Better India to provide good quality sleep for children in need for the New Year. The brand donated 365 brand new sleep stations to the children of Bengaluru enabling them to enjoy eight hours of quality sleep every day on these mattresses — amounting to a million hours of sleep in the New Year
Adopt Don’t Shop
To spread awareness towards Pet Adoption, Forfurs initiated a campaign, #AdoptDontShop on their social media. This initiative was turned into an organic UGC campaign that urged people to come forth and tell the world about the story of how they met their furry friends.
On the occasion of Diwali, team Savaari attempted to solve a mobility-related issue dealt by pregnant women and new mothers. Due to lack of safe commute, these women hadn’t met their own kith and kin for over 8 months.
For tackling this issue, Savaari decided to provide a safe and comfortable commute for all these women and ensure that they don’t miss out on meeting their family this festive season.

Industry Updates

Marketing Trends by Business Insider for 2022

With a new-found appreciation for life and altered perspectives towards marketing, we reached out to Indian brands from different sectors to find out what are some of the trends that they expect to see in 2022. Here is what they said:

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"Lay’s Wafer Style. The campaign, titled #TheThinPossibleChip’, encourages fans" ...

#TheThinPossibleChip #FMCG #Lays


With the wider acceptance and use of metaverse, the world will surely see a day when #WorkFromMetaverse trends across social media channels. Working virtually, employees will have to be kept engaged via virtual employee engagement opportunities. Understanding of meta tech, digital communications, and virtual HR will be the perquisites then.

#WorkFromMetaverse #EmployeeLifestyle #VirtualWorld

Dot & Key

"Dot & Key has launched a new ad film titled ‘Love is greater when shared’. T .."

#DotnKey #Women #MensturalHygiene


"Mosseri shares that video and controls have been the two major areas of development for 2021 with the growth of Reels, consolidated video format, new creative tools for video, and more options for users to control their experience with sensitive content Controls, the launch of features such as hide like counts and filter words in direct messages. He further outlines the priorities for Instagram in 2022"

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"Twitter recently introduced new ways to have conversations a .. "

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Professionals will now be able to gather deep insights into the compensation landscape, including bonus and equity data for specific job titles along with the different factors that impact pay such as years of experience, industry, company size, location, and education level, and in turn make more informed career decisions.

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AGL Cornerstone

Sahil Jeet Singh Creative Director

The phrase “Once upon a time…” brings back our memories of listening to some intriguing stories during good old times. Not just the story, but also the art of storytelling made these stories even more mesmerizing. Well, campaign ideas that create an impact are no different. Once we are aware of our audience, we just need a compelling “good story” to engrave our key message in audience’s mind. Storytelling is a magnificent collaboration of science and art coming together. From hitting an emotional chord to triggering a disruptive thought, a “good story” knows what to sell and to whom? Not only for the audience but when we are presenting ideas in a pitch – a campaign idea backed by interesting storytelling captivates the listeners in the conference room. Well, the “digital age” has given a canvas to break these stories and campaign ideas into long and short content pieces backed by various creative formats. Also, the “digital data and insights” help us in drawing learnings from our campaign ideas. In the end, when these stories become legendry campaigns – “…the storytellers live happily ever after…”

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