Dec 15, 2022

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Greenpeace: Social media the new battle ground for climate disinformation by brands

Social media appears to be the new frontier of climate disinformation and deception as two-thirds of oil and gas (72%), auto (60%), and airline (60%) companies use social media to paint a “green innovation” narrative on their businesses.

Walmart Connect Announces Innovation Partner Program

Walmart Connect recently announced the evolution of its Partner Program strategy to create a robust, diverse ecosystem that will expand advertiser support, increase services and deliver access anywhere advertisers need to have it. Today, we’re building on that strategy by announcing our Innovation Partners.

Amazon Is Looking More Like A Social Media Platform. Here’s How Brands Can Benefit.

It was recently reported that Amazon has even been testing its own version of TikTok among employees. Amazon is starting to look more like a social media app than ever before, in a bid to keep pace with apps like TikTok in a battle for our eyeballs and wallets.

The End of Real Social Networks

Social media platforms are not only creating echo chambers, propagating falsehoods, and facilitating the circulation of extremist ideas. Previous media innovations, dating back at least to the printing press, did that, too, but none of them shook the very foundations of human communication and social interaction.

The Future Of Social Media In The Metaverse

Social media is the archetypal web2 application – the enabler of the “user-generated web”. But that doesn’t mean it will die out with the onset of the metaverse and web3. In the metaverse, features and functionalities we’ve all become accustomed to –

How YouTube paved the way for today’s social media

Though YouTube has been cemented as the internet’s go-to video platform, its survival wasn’t always such a sure thing. In 2007, just two years after its launch (and one year after it was acquired by Google), Viacom sued YouTube for $1 billion alleging copyright infringement, threatening to destroy the site in its entirety.

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