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Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

Unlike the little treats we all like to enjoy, sometimes with a tall glass of milk, when we say cookie, we are referring to the small piece of data that websites ask your browser to store on your mobile or computer. This cookie allows the website to track and “remember” your actions and preferences over a period of time, which allows them to offer a more personalised experience each time you visit. Most browsers support cookies, but it is in your hands to set up instructions to decline them as well. You can also delete them from your device whenever you like.

How Does AdGlobal360 Use Cookies?

If you are using the AdGlobal360 website, both AdGlobal360 and third parties will use cookies in order to monitor and track some of your activities on and off AdGlobal360. These cookies will allow us to store and access some data about you, including your browsing history and your usage of the AdGlobal360 website.

If this sounds a little ominous, you really don’t have to worry. You can go through this policy, which describes how AdGlobal360 and third parties will use cookies within and without the AdGlobal360 website and about how you can practice better control over the cookies that are stored on your device. However, you will need to remember that this may alter your user experience on our website and may also end up limiting some of the features.

General Browsing: AdGlobal360 uses cookies that are important for certain technical features of the website, including being able to implement fixes and improvements to the platform.

These cookies help us:

  • Remember the custom preferences of our users to help us create more useful services and products
  • Allow users to opt-out of certain types of tailoring or personalisation regarding our services
  • Collect information about user preferences so we can create and offer more useful services
  • With online behavioural target advertising, allowing us to show adverts that are relevant to something a user has searched for in the past

Advertising: Cookies are used to enable advertising with our third-party partners.

  • Customise your ad experience. This including personalising the job and display ads for the technologies that a person has previously checked out, the communities they have visited, and job ads that have already been seen
  • Allow for direct communication between the users that have opted into a promotion and a 3rd party partner that hosts the promotional event through us
  • Allow us to track when you, as a user, see or click on an ad, or later visit a third-party website or if you purchase a product on a third-party website
  • Collect impressions as well as click data that are used for internal reporting and service optimisation

Analytics: AdGlobal360 uses cookies to compile usage activity. This allows us to better cater our services offerings for you and for third parties. We DO NOT share identifiable “raw” data with any third parties or any clients. However, the aggregated data about your usage of our services and website is used as the basis for making high-level decisions.

These cookies:

  • Monitor traffic on the site as well as the behaviour flows of users
  • Measure the effectiveness of on-site services
  • Measure how effective the off-site marketing campaigns and tactics are

What Information is Collected on You Via Cookies?

In general, most data that we collect from you is done via form submission. However, there are cases when you are visiting our website where we may receive some information using cookies. But you don’t have to worry as this data generally does not include any personal information identifying you. It may include:

  • Unique identification tokens
  • User preferences

Third Party Cookies

The names of the cookies being used, how they are used, and other things related to cookies technology are some aspects that may change over time. AdGlobal360 will make every reasonable effort to ensure you are notified about the same. Please note that any company or other organisation that sponsors pages on the AdGlobal360 website may use cookies or similar technologies so they can learn more about your interest in their products or services and in some cases, they may use the gathered information to tailor such products and services based on your preferences.

How You Can Restrict Cookies

Before you decide whether you want to opt-out of certain cookies, please note that the AdGlobal360 website may not function properly or may offer diminished functionalities.

If you decide that you do not want any cookies to be set on your device by our third-party partners, you can adjust your internet browser’s settings and choose from the available Cookie Settings to meet your preferences in the best way possible. The setting options may vary with different browsers, they generally allow you to reject some or all cookies, or they allow you to set up notifications for when a cookie is being placed on your device.

For more information, you can refer to the user help information for your internet browser. Please note that some cookies may be required for offering certain functionalities, and when you block those cookies, your access to certain parts or functionalities of the sites or platforms may be limited.

Additionally, while cookies are set on your device for varying durations, you have the option to delete them manually at any time. However, this will not prevent the site from setting further cookies onto your device unless you have adjusted the settings of your browser, as discussed above.

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