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Home Blog Fresh Findings 1st to 9th Nov 2022

Fresh Findings - 1st to 9th Nov 2022

Introducing…Mincent Van Gogh: Vegan Brand Forges Van Gogh Artwork and Hangs it in Internationally Acclaimed Museum

Plant-based meat mavericks, THIS™, are at it again. This time taking their antics to Amsterdam, in their most ambitious undercover activity to date. The brand managed to cheekily place its take on Vincent Van Gogh’s infamous Sunflowers painting on the walls of the Van Gogh Museum.

#PlantBasedMeat #MincentVanGogh #VanGogh #Art

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Entrepreneur Who Made $2m Selling Hair Extensions From Her Car Is Now Popularizing A New Trend, Headband Wigs

Ashley says that guerrilla marketing has been very key to her success. She was an entrepreneur before social media even existed, and because of that, she learned the importance of and still values creating personal relationships with business owners and decision-makers. In the past, she has formed successful partnerships with colleges, nightclubs, restaurants, and even malls to sell her products.

#Entrepreneur #HairExtensions #GuerrillaMarketing #HairAreUs

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Drake & 21 Savage Sued by Condé Nast over Fake Vogue Issue

Last week, artists Drake and 21 Savage released their album Her Loss. In the week beforehand, they – along with their communications firm Hiltzik Strategies – ran an ambitious (if questionable) street-marketing campaign to promote the album using the false premise that Drake and 21 Savage were to be featured on the cover of the November issue of fashion magazine Vogue.

#Drake #21savage #Vogue #Herloss #StreetMarketingCampaign

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'Rick and Morty' Team Confirm They're Already Working on Seasons 7 and 8

The marketing for Season 6 of Rick and Morty went global, with an animated collaboration campaign with Adidas, and guerrilla marketing that took over iconic landmarks around the world. #Wormageddon saw Rick, Morty and monsters pop up in England, Brazil, Netherlands and across the U.S. Creator and voice of both Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland called it an

#RickandMorty #Season6 #Wormageddon #Adidas

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World Cup Emergency Hotline Launches to Keep Soccer Fans Informed

It will kick off with a brand campaign film called “Hope” as well as a launch film featuring former Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino as he tries to record a message for the hotline. Guerrilla activity including sticker posting, sky and building projections as well as The Athletic branded phone kiosks will also appear to promote the campaign.

#Worldcup #Hope #Hotline #Soccer #Kiosks

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One of the year’s best horror films leaves fans grinning as it passes massive box office milestone

Smile’s excellent performance at the box office can be traced back to an outside-of-the-box guerrilla marketing campaign that saw people attend sporting events only to endlessly and creepily smile. Alongside the guerrilla campaign was a strong word of mouth which has fuelled it ticking on over a month from its debut.

#Horror #Smile #WordOfMouth #Guerrilla Marketing

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