How Quality Helps Meet Evolving Customer Expectations


by - Shriya Sharma

Feb 28, 2023

More hours in a day – that’s what everyone wants the most. Yet, it is something that is the most impossible to attain.

This yearning for more time leads to a set of curious questions – what must one sacrifice in the interest of meeting the limitations set by a day having only 24 hours? Can all the work be realistically managed in this duration? How do we factor in periods of rest, meals, or sleep? And perhaps one of the most important – Should we compromise on quality to compensate?

What is Quality?

Quality is not an arbitrary concept, and it can be found in every dictionary, defined as – the degree of excellence of something or anything – which may not seem very hard and fast given the subjective nature of ‘excellence’, unless it is found to be lacking.

In the business world, ‘Quality’ is not what a business or brand puts in, but what a user gets out of it and is happy to pay for. A customer will only pay for something that gives them value and is useful for them.

The Rising Need to Understand Customer Expectations

Historically, customers have always looked for basics like efficiency, reliability, economical service, etc. However, in recent times, the availability of new technologies, and the steady shift towards digital which was fast-tracked by the pandemic, making digitisation even more prominent, have brought significant change in consumer behaviour, and raised their expectations much higher as compared to the previous decade.

The modern consumer is on the lookout for personalised interactions, proactive services, and connected experiences across all digital and offline channels and in order to stay ahead of the curve, businesses and brands need to innovate and push the boundaries to not only meet but exceed customer demands

To Sum it Up

Consumers today expect connected journeys where brands are accessible on time and through various mediums. Where they receive courteous, prompt responses from knowledgeable personnel who are ready to provide informed suggestions but are also mindful of the requirements of the customer in their bid to provide customised solutions. Resolution time is a crucial part of determining if an experience was positive or negative, and customers want proper expectation setting, where commitments and promises are kept. Quality is most noticeable when the first-time delivery itself is up to the mark and when proper follow-ups and after-sales services are performed. All this – but without compromising on the data security of customer information or the ethics and social responsibilities that we have come to expect from an established business.

What Happens When Customer Expectations Are Not Met?

With the presence of various immediately accessible solutions that can be availed via the cloud, social media, mobile, and AI, consumers have more choices than ever before. As a result, they can afford to be more selective in expecting a superior experience from any business that they choose to interact with. Failing to meet these exigencies will result in no time wasted as the customer starts looking at the other options that they have available.

With a number of options available in the market, it is no longer a difficult decision for customers to switch brands.

Additionally, the inability to meet customer expectations, apart from a loss of revenue and customer base, can also lead to a damaged business reputation. Such experiences tend to leave a bitter taste in the customer’s mind regarding the business that, for them, failed to make the cut.

Besides, a happy customer may tell around 10 people about their good experience, but an unhappy one will tell everyone they meet, ensuring that their word spreads like wildfire. Negative publicity always spreads faster than positive news.

Delivering Quality

Quality is crucial, regardless of the size of the task undertaken. Whether it is a small internal report or writing an email or creating an ad copy – Everything Counts! Ensuring quality in the little things, like proofreading every piece of communication helps us set a standard of excellence that slowly but surely spreads throughout the organisation.

When a report, data, or communication is received from the employee of a company, it is the entire organisation’s reputation that is at stake, which includes the work that the company has done, the services they provide, and the people that make up the company.

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