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Home Blog Fresh Findings 10th to 16th Apr 2022

Fresh Findings - 10th to 16th Apr 2022

This is how cryptocurrency assets will be taxed from April 1 in India. 10 Points

Cryptocurrency assets will be taxed: From 1st April 2022, some changes in the income tax rules announced by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman while presenting Union Budget 2022 will get implemented. One of them is a tax on cryptocurrency and other digital assets.

#Cryptocurrency #IncomeTaxRules #CryptoTransactions

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Why Argentina is embracing cryptocurrency

Mr Ferrer explains.

#ArgentinaEconomy #BitcoinForArgentina #DigitalCurrency

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Cryptocurrency payments are frozen across India, hitting trading

Hours after Surojit Chatterjee’s announcement, the central bank-backed entity that runs the system — called United Payments Interface — said it was “not aware” of any crypto exchange using the network. Within three days of the event, Coinbase had halted rupee transfers to its trading app via UPI.

#UnitedPaymentsInterface #Coinbase #CryptoFreeze

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How The Metaverse Will Change Cryptocurrency

The metaverse and cryptocurrency seem to be concepts that go hand-in-hand – virtual worlds and virtual money to spend in them. Both form an integral part of what is being hyped these days as “web3

#Metaverse #Cryptocurrency #Web3 #AR #VR

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Advt: Decoding the future of cryptocurrency in India

The undisclosed future still remains behind the curtains. But ever wondered what does the crypto-world mean for us Indians and what is the future of cryptocurrency in India? Umesh Prajapati and Pramod Yadav, the co-founders of SunCrypto, a Jaipur based firm answer. Is there any ban lurking ?

#CryptoFuture #CryptoBan #SunCrypto

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Paying Salary In Cryptocurrency: Why is it a risky bet?

Visit a mid-sized store in an Indian city, and you’d wonder if it exists to make any money. It might just as well be there to process transactions for half-a-dozen payment apps: PhonePe, Paytm, Google Pay, BharatPe, Amazon Pay and MobiKwik. A third of India’s 60 million-plus small businesses are using an average of four different platforms, according to Raman Khanduja, the chief executive officer of Mintoak, a Mumbai-based fintech.

#PayDay #CryptoCompensation #EmployeeAsk

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