Mar 14, 2021

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Will Event Tech Be the Next Best Thing for Marketers?

Event Technology helps individuals or companies plan, produce and publish an event. Event technology is evolving at an amazingly fast pace, given the current scenario, this is a necessity. Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, most people and companies have turned towards the digital world to gain better prospect and customer traction. They have had to incorporate event technology in their marketing strategy, to drive positive trends in their tech investments’ and respective marketing returns.

Marketing operations is not martech and what is martech anyway?!

Accepting the importance of marketing technology to Marketing Operations though raises another question, which is what exactly is martech? On the face of it this would seem to be entirely obvious, comprising the tools we use in marketing to manage audiences, execute campaigns, capture response, analyse results and more.

How martech will be a gamechanger in business

Organisations today need to transform themselves in order to survive, which means adopting the technologies that allow marketers to better gather data and act upon it. The year 2020 has been a tough time for marketing. Business has been hit hard, advertising budgets are getting slashed, and the future looks uncertain. In these unprecedented times of the covid-19 pandemic, consumers and clients are gravitating towards brands that are able to connect with them and address their concerns and anxieties.

The Role Of Martech Is Evolving: Are You As A Martech Leader Ready?

If you’re a martech leader, you’re probably feeling a bit stressed — and for good reason. Stakeholders across multiple departments depend on your choices, which underscores the magnitude of your strategies, selections and deployments. The question is: are you, as a martech leader, ready for the challenges, unknowns and opportunities this role brings with it? Are you — along with your people, processes and platforms — ready to deliver on martech’s promises in this challenging new world?

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Drives Hybrid Cloud Disruption With New HPE GreenLake Cloud Services and Partnerships

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced a series of innovation updates to its market-leading HPE GreenLake cloud services portfolio, and new capabilities and partnerships designed to dramatically simplify the experience and expand the reach of the HPE GreenLake Cloud Services business.

Australian Martech Company Launches World-First Saas Experience for Sitecore and Expands Business Globally

Launched in Australia in late 2018, Dataweavers is a game-changing CX and DevOps platform offering the 'Ultimate SaaS experience' for enterprise MarTech platforms like Sitecore. The global, first-to-market product delivers performance, security and price guaranteed on the Microsoft Azure Platform, which until now could not be reliably delivered.

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