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Home Blog Fresh Findings 15th to 21st Jul 2022

Fresh Findings - 15th to 21st Jul 2022

Instagram Launches Initial Test of New ‘Creator Marketplace’ Influencer Discovery Platform

In other words, it’s a comprehensive tool for finding potential creative partners for campaigns, which could be hugely valuable, especially given the increasing focus on Reels, which requires in-depth knowledge of trends and usage behaviors to maximize appeal and resonance.

#instagram #CreatorMarketplace #InfluencerDiscovery

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From MIT social media summit, 5 trends experts are watching

With social media playing a major role throughout society, understanding how to shape and manage its power is an urgent challenge. Experts discussed the complicated social media landscape and meaningful solutions at the second annual Social Media Summit @MIT, hosted by the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy.

#MIT #SocialMediaSummit #SocialMediaTrends

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The Hottest Advertising Trends This Summer

With an ear on the ground, we’re watching the advertising industry navigate the uncertainty of a cookieless future, keep up with the non-existent metaverse, and jump on growing media channels. Here are some of the hottest conversations happening in the advertising industry this summer.

#SocialMediaTrend #Metaverse #AudioAds #InGameAdvertising #CookielessWorld

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What are the 'Little Miss' memes going viral on social media

Meme creators are modifying characters from children's book series Little Miss and Mr. Men to suit their own unique personalities. The first

#LittleMiss #Meme #Viral #SocialMedia

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Ad spending increases across channels as shopping focus propels retail media and social media growth

Skai, an omnichannel platform for performance marketing, is publishing its Q2 2022 Digital Marketing Quarterly Trends Infographic, an in-depth analysis of the digital marketing trends that defined the last quarter (Q2), with a full report to follow next week. Overall, spending increased in all channels compared to both last quarter and last year.

#AdBudget #AdSpending #RetailMedia #SocialMediaGrowth

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Three marketing trends shaping the influencer industry in 2022

Influencers are more integral to the digital marketing strategies of big brands than ever before. This has been driven by a rise in social media usage since the Covid pandemic and the fact that consumers are increasingly using social channels to discover and buy products. With social influence growing, how is the industry evolving? Here’s a look at three current marketing trends and their impact on the influencer industry.

#MarketingTrends #InfluencerIndustry #

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