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Home Blog Fresh Findings 1st to 6th Feb 2021

Fresh Findings - 1st to 6th Feb 2021

Power to the Person: NFTs and The Creative Economy

If you’ve spent much time on the internet recently you might have noticed something: it’s gotten really fast-paced and really fun. It just keeps getting faster and funner. Bitcoin, Clubhouse, NFTs, unicorn startups galore, the Creator Economy. Each feels simultaneously like a potential fad and a nascent revolution.

#Bitcoins #NFTs #MoneyRevolution #FinanceInstitutions

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India’s tech industry revenue to touch $194B with 1.38L new jobs added for FY21: NASSCOM

India’s information technology (IT) sector continues to gain traction despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and is expected to close FY21 with a revenue of $194 billion, according to NASSCOM.The industry is expected to add over 138,000 net new hires in FY2020-21, taking the total employee base to 4.47 million.

#IndiaTech #Pandemictechnology #InformationTechnology #NASSCOM

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Over 90% of tech employees continue to work from home: Azim Premji

Stating that the hybrid model would have huge comparative advantage, he said it would drive inclusive growth, better participation from all parts of the country and greater number of women who would have flexibility to work from home.

#HybridModel #Flexibility #TechIndustry #Inclusivegrowth

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ETILC: How leaders from the tech sector look at strategic technological change

Technology is leading recovery across sectors and is no longer just an enabler”, says Balaji Sreedhar, Associate Vice President, MarketsAndMarkets. In his interactions with CIOs he sees an increased investment in technology to transform their businesses. Additionally, there is a dramatic increase in technology centric business models.

#CentricBusinessModel #TechnologicalChange #Investment

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Here’s why robots are actually going to increase human employment

The fear that machines will render large swaths of people unemployed is vastly overblown. By taking over the drudgery of repetitive tasks and the danger of more perilous ones, automation will free up humans to do more challenging work—interfacing with customers, developing better products, and yes, managing those robots themselves

#Robotics #ArtificialIntelligence #Automation #Unemployement

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The great chip shortage of 2021: Why carmakers and computermakers are scrambling

The Biden administration, already dealing with a variety of crises, is having to deal with yet another: a chip shortage that has slowed the production of everything from cars to laptops.

#ChipShortage #Carmakers #BigFactories #Technology

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