Mar 01, 2021

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Global Home Price Index: India Slips To 56th Rank, Records 3.6% Drop In Home Prices

Additionally, the developers added concessions to the government steps that amounted to a greater reduction in the effective prices of homes, said the report. These steps kept prices at bay and stimulated demand in the latter part of the year in the country.

The Future Of Retail Real Estate: What To Expect

Overall, the future of retail real estate remains murky. But investors willing to take a risk have the potential to continue to reshape the market.

How to Make Money from Distressed Real Estate in 2021

Certainly, the current travail is cyclical and eventually capitalism’s creative destruction will put things right. Until then, pain will mount, and fortunes will be made.

The Rising Tide of Real Estate in Mumbai

In Mumbai, the appetite for real estate is almost unquenchable. The city’s real estate market has bounced back from the brief slump with a roar owing to sharp sales jumps and affordability showing an improvement by 32% since 2010.

Important things to consider before investing in commercial real estate

Especially with regard to RERA registration, please note that a builder/project will take 1 to 3 months to get a RERA registration provided that all NOC’s as mentioned above has been submitted and cleared.

Recent trends in real estate: Acquisition of management platforms

A recent trend in the commercial real estate sector has been the acquisition of fund and asset management platforms by investors. Whilst not a new concept, traditionally real estate investors have typically favoured a more classic deal structure by which they acquire a portfolio outright (either alone or via a joint venture or consortium), or alternatively by investing into a fund as one of several passive limited partner investors.

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