Oct 01, 2021

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The rise of 'dark ads'

Social media platforms are transforming how online advertising works and, in turn, raising concerns about new forms of discrimination and predatory marketing

The sounds of advertising

Saturdays are usually relaxed. It’s the time when one can sit in the lounge and and read something casual, light and nice. It’s usually not breaking news.

Spotify kicks off campaign to win more advertisers

The company is also changing the name of its advertising business to Spotify Advertising from Spotify for Brands in an attempt to attract small and medium-size businesses beyond the major brands it has traditionally focused on. And it is trying to attract more podcast publishers and creators to its ad marketplace, after saying earlier this year that its advertising growth has been hindered by limited inventory.

In-depth: Will aggressive advertising spends help crypto brands?

While crypto players have started to associate with the T20 and IPL tournaments and are spending considerable amounts this year, they want to analyse the sports properties more closely in the coming quarters before going the full throttle. They explain what makes them consider cricket so strongly over other marquee properties

What brands can learn about innovative advertising from Livspace

Today, when most brands focus on just one or two mediums to amplify their marketing voice, Livspace is making its presence felt on an entirely different level. The credit goes to the brand’s inventive take on their fundamental marketing principle – be where the audience is.

Comparative advertising in India: keep it fun!

To leave a lasting impression, companies often use comparative advertising to cast their products in a more favourable light than the goods being sold by their competitors. Such advertising is legally permissible as long as it does not portray competing products in a bad light and disparage them.

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