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Home Blog Fresh Findings 23rd to 31st October 2021

Fresh Findings - 23rd to 31st October 2021

How marketers can overcome data privacy challenges as Google and Apple increase consumer protection

Consumers care about data privacy. In 2021, they know more about how their data is collected, stored, and shared, and they want more control. This presents a unique set of challenges for marketers because data collection has become so closely tied to the modern consumer experience. Would we have witnessed the same exponential growth in e-commerce without personalised advertisements and targeted promotions? Likely not, because consumers and marketers alike have become dependent on personalisation to enhance the modern shopping experience.

#Marketers #DataPrivacy #Google #Apple #ConsumerProtection

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Responsible tech will spur impact-driven economies

The Dutch economy is spawning startups that grow and scale by using technology responsibly, said Pieter Waasdorp, Director of Entrepreneurship, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Netherlands, at TechSparks 2021, India's most influential startup-tech conference organised by YourStory.

#Technology #ImpactDriven #Startups #Dutch #Economy #TechSparks

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Tech for future: Why NFTs will drive the digital economy

Property value is much more than the utility. It highly depends on the economic value that can be gained out of it. A property can be used for commercial purposes, residential property with high demand from tenants etc, which in turn depends on the network effect of the city where the property is located. Network effect is the additional value gained as more and more people get involved in the product or service network.

#NFT #DigitalEconomy #CryptoCurrencies #Utility #Stocks

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How technology is playing a big role in reviving India’s economy

Industries like healthcare and pharmaceuticals, BFSI, e-commerce and retail and manufacturing are early adopters of emerging technologies. Organizations in these industries have reacted to difficulties introduced by the pandemic and are focusing heavily on creating strategies in the new normal to up their game in next five years. The string that ties together in all the four industries is modern technology and cloud plays a role to help all these four industries catapult into a game changer for the Indian economy. New-age technologies will be giving India a chance to carve itself a unique identity as a global hub for cloud solutions.

#Technology #IndianEconomy #WorldBank #DigitalEra #Pandemic

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Future of post COVID pandemic world: Investment in infrastructure, new technology will be game-changer

The global pandemic Covid-19 has caused an unprecedented crisis and altered the course of history. In reckoning its genesis, severity, and counter-response, the existing world order has failed miserably. More as the writings on the wall rather than a prognosis, the operational disruptions, restricted mobility and glaring insecure future are certainly going to redefine the way globalisation, international trade, intergovernmental collaboration, multilateral culture and cross-border migration have been perceived and liberally pursued under the old normal. The new normal poses many challenges and fewer avenues of green shoots, which calls for absolutely appropriate policy responses.

#Covid19 #Pandemic #Investment #Infrastructure #Technology

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How digital transformation can build more resilient businesses

During the COVID-19 pandemic, schools, hospitals, businesses and governments have depended on technological innovation more than ever before to keep their operations afloat. As nations work to rebuild and reinvigorate the global economy, recovery plans must focus on creating jobs, investing in infrastructure and driving innovation with sustainability at the very core.

#DigitalTransformation #Investment #SupplyChains #Cybersecurity #BusinessTransformation

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