May 08, 2021

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The Future of Finance, Where NFTs and CBDCs Collide

The reason why so many content creators — and now increasingly business owners and retailers — are flocking towards NFTs is because they provide a tangible means of offering ‘ownership transfer’ of a digital or real-world commodity while eliminating the need for any financial intermediaries, who otherwise end up taking a huge chunk of the paycheck.

Suddenly Wealthy From Markets, Some Millennials Are Stressed

Soaring assets and stocks in the past year have in some cases handed midlevel workers huge windfalls. Those who have benefited from the market surge typically fall into one of three categories, said Sahil Vakil, founder of personal-finance tech company MYRA: They were given company shares as compensation and those same shares recently boomed; they caught last year’s retail investing frenzy and rode the market to new highs; or they invested early on in cryptocurrency, to great success.

Here are five problems with bitcoin that will cause it to eventualluy fail

I’m not saying that cryptocurrencies will fail. In fact, it is quite obvious that the future of currencies is digital and crypto is simply a particular way of operating a digital currency.

The Mortgage Boom Is Fading

Homes are selling at a blistering pace unseen since before the financial crisis, pushing up home values in nearly every U.S. ZIP Code. Yet lenders are preparing for mortgage demand to cool in the coming months, the result of rising interest rates that make refinancing less attractive for a huge chunk of borrowers.


The radical shift from the centralized financial system to decentralized finance in recent years has instigated several investors to be in the cryptocurrency world. The advent of blockchain technology has contributed to the rise of the popularity of the decentralized finance ecosystem. The emergence of a decentralized finance ecosystem has launched a large-scale network of protocols and other financial instruments for smooth transaction flow. The fintech sector is booming due to immense help from the decentralized financial sys

From Dutch Tulips to Internet Stocks, How to Spot a Financial Bubble

About 300 years ago, financiers in Europe found themselves agog about the financial prospects of novel trading companies granted special rights in international commerce by the governments of France and England. The shares of these trading vehicles—England’s South Sea Company and France’s Mississippi Company—soared and then collapsed in 1720, wiping out hordes of angry investors. Episodes like that have some economic historians wrinkling their brows about what is happening in financial markets today, with Wall Street once again in the embrace of perplexing crazes for new investment vehicles.

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