Happy International Women's Day – Sharing A Note of Adoration!


by - Rakesh Yadav

Mar 08, 2022

As clichéd as it may sound, it’s great to have a day, once a year, that lets us commemorate the everyday contributions of women in all the spheres of life. Especially since the odds stacked against them at Work/while Working From Home are humongous. Shining through all of that is definitely worth celebrating!

This surfaced so vividly during and post-pandemic times when most families and some companies sailed through, majorly owing to the sheer determination and resolve of women.

From what I have observed, in personal and professional life, there are some key characteristics that really stand out when we look at how effectively women manage their work/life.

I find these 4 traits really interesting which we men can learn from too: 

1. Setting Micro Goals -

I see most women getting excited and happy by setting smaller, yet tangible milestones out of a big picture. Be it the generous accolades to the team when the wireframes for a new mobile app is accepted or doing a little fist-bump when a tough client meeting goes well.

Breaking down bigger problems into solvable smaller components comes naturally to women. Even if everyone looks a little edgy at the start of the journey, women regroup faster and gain control of the situation better.

2. Empathy -

The importance of being nice and acting with rational kindness in all sorts of scenarios is a trait that cannot be appreciated enough.

It is a fact that attrition rates in teams led by Women bosses are low. They listen and understand their teammates so well. And they possess the communication skills required to convey even the toughest feedback in the right tone.

3. Detail Orientedness -

This is also one of the reasons why there is a disconnect at times between the two genders. While most men like to jump from the cliff and weave a parachute on the way down, women steer clear of taking such chances. They like to be thorough in their planning and commitment to anyone. That is also one of the reasons why our QA team is mostly women and as much our male developers don’t like it, they can’t ship in those bugs silently :-)

4. Creativity-

I have been intrigued by the myriad shades of personalities of women, each being a bit different from the others. It is akin to the proverbial array of colour palettes that women can notice like mauve, fawn, amber etc. For most men, they are still light pink, light brown or yellow.

This talent of spotting the subtle differences in things helps them become better creators too. It also pushes the people around them to think beyond the normal/average and be the best they can be.

There’s a lot to be said and praised about the energy, vivacity, dedication and grit that women bring along with them - a constant spark that doesn’t just make our workplaces better but also kindles our very way of life. And to be honest, we are all richer for it.

Wishing all the women out there a very Happy International Women’s Day! 

Rakesh heads AGL along with an enthusiastic battalion of 750+. He has been on an entrepreneurial sojourn since 2007 and he believes that for even the greatest business offering to be successful, marketing them in the right way is an absolute necessity. He is also a big proponent of integrated marketing approach, wherein strategic use of tools & ideas can enable businesses to "attract, engage and retain" right customers.

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