Dec 15, 2022

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3 ways to ensure digital advertising in the metaverse works for all

The prospect of the metaverse presents us with an incredible opportunity to rethink how digital metaverse advertising works and the value it provides to all parties involved. As we continue to build towards the metaverse, we need to ensure the right foundations are in place from an advertising perspective for it to fulfill its true potential.

How will 5G change mobile advertising in India, and how will video be the key driver

5G, with enhanced download and upload speeds, will offer better internet connectivity to customers that will help brands strengthen customer engagement. The government is already investing around $30 billion in disruptive technologies such as 4G and 5G.

What every marketer needs to know about programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising gives you all those good, actionable insights into campaign performance. It does this while letting you target your ads to exactly the audience you’re looking for. And it does this in a more efficient, automated marketplace with far lower costs.

How Is Psychology Applied In Advertising And Marketing?

Psychology is the science that studies human behavior. As a discipline, it can be helpful to apply it to the world of advertising and marketing in order to help improve the sales of a product or service. But what exactly does psychology in advertising and marketing consist of? What marketing strategies can companies take into account to reach their target audience?

Uber looks to boost digital ad revenue with new advertising division

With a reach of 122 million monthly active users globally, the company on Wednesday said it will sell ad space inside its ride-hailing and UberEats apps, along with in-vehicle digital ads, sponsored mails and storefront ads.

GM temporarily suspends advertising on Twitter following Elon Musk takeover

The Detroit automaker, a rival to Musk-led electric vehicle maker Tesla , said it is “pausing” advertising as it evaluates Twitter’s new direction. It will continue to use the platform to interact with customers but not pay for advertising, GM added.

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