Jan 15, 2021

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Marketers ponder telehealth’s post-pandemic future

With the long-term impact of telehealth still very much open to debate, marketers in and around the field are navigating a new landscape. For some, including brands firmly in the telehealth space, the moment presents a golden opportunity.

Planning for change: how to create a marketing plan flexible enough for 2021

For marketers who have unrelenting targets and want to make the most of 2021, the ongoing uncertainty might feel frustrating. It can be tempting to throw strategy out of the window and focus on quick-wins and clever tactics. But short-termism is never going to deliver the same results as a well-honed plan based on long term objectives. Now is the time to try to create a plan for the year ahead that will make the most of your resources and capitalise on every opportunity - and this year only a flexible plan will work.

Govt planning to open up coal marketing to streamline process

THE GOVERNMENT is considering opening up coal marketing, Coal Secretary Anil Kumar Jain said on Thursday. Currently, production by Coal India is allocated through a number of different methods, including multiple sector-based auctions and coal linkages based on recommendations by the Union government, and Fuel Supply Agreements (FSAs).

Consider bartering as a marketing strategy for growth

While most trade credits are used for advertising media, it is important to note that the range of what a corporate barter company can provide is expanding to include air travel, hotel rooms, sales meetings, air freight, co-working spaces, cruise berths, car rentals, limousine service, and the like.

Why SMS Is The Marketing Tool Of The Future

This past year, when the pandemic mostly kept us apart from friends and family, we maintained those relationships via social media, video calls and, probably most often, texts. The average American adult spent more than three hours per day on a smartphone in 2020.

What is marketing automation

Marketing automation handles time-consuming tasks, allowing business owners to hone their marketing strategy. Discover which tasks you can deploy to an automated marketing solution.

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