Jul 01, 2021

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A digital money rush is great. A run, not so much

Blockchain-based stablecoins such as Tether and the upcoming Diem are the latest form of private money: Tokens that don’t offer Bitcoin-type speculative thrills but seek acceptance instead as one-to-one clones of national currencies. They could become a powerful part of the modern digital economy, provided we know how to prevent a run on them.

Personal finance in India has a major supply-side problem

These new investors, both in stocks and cryptos, are young and are mostly investing money for the first time. Anecdotal evidence tells us that many of these youngsters have bet all their money on stocks and cryptos. When prices are going up, this looks very good, but the moment they fall, losses start accumulating.

How decentralized finance will transform business financial services – especially for SMEs

Decentralized finance had a resurgence last summer. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether are now becoming more widely accepted for payments and USD Coin (USDC) has made significant progress towards being an asset that will maintain its value without future depreciation.

Explained | India’s latest move to secure more international trade finance and why it’s crucial for exports

Without much publicity, the government has made a major move to break out of the chronic cycle of low working capital that plagues Indian exporters. The proposed International Trade Finance Services platforms will be a major boost to exporters.

All you wanted to know about reverse merger

Earlier this month, the stocks of Equitas Small Finance Bank, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank and their holding companies skyrocketed following a new development. The market’s positive reaction was based on the RBI’s permission to these small finance banks to apply for a reverse merger with their holding companies. But why is this reverse merger so important for these banks?

Eight steps to walk the financial independence path

Financial independence refers to being in possession of sufficient money to sustain the current lifestyle for an indefinite longevity. The first step towards attaining financial independence starts with assessing one’s net worth or current financial position.

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