Aug 01, 2021

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It's Time for All Retailers to Go Hybrid

Adapting to ongoing supply chain disruptions and altered shopping habits over the past year, retailers felt pressure to optimize their e-commerce fulfillment capabilities and build resilient delivery operations. Well, enough pressure over time creates diamonds; and the diamond of e-commerce presents itself as the distributed fulfillment network, pioneered by e-commerce giants like Amazon and Walmart.

A better approach is needed to regulate e-commerce

The government of India has decided that the players in the e-commerce sector need to be disciplined. What it has not figured out yet is how to do that exactly. The result: a number of policy ideas being proposed have the potential to do more harm than good. Initially, the government’s ire seemed to be directed at pure online players. Union commerce minister Piyush Goyal seems particularly unhappy with Amazon.

Value e-commerce in India to touch $40 billion by 2030

he expanding digital footprint in tier III and IV areas as well as in rural India, along with the aspirational needs of these consumers and their changing attitudes towards online buying present a massive opportunity,

India's e-commerce market continues to grow at 5% rate per annum

The Union Minister of State for Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Ashwini Kumar Choubey in a written reply to Lok Sabha on Tuesday informed that as per the National Association of Software & Services Companies (NASSCOM), India's e-commerce market continues to grow at the rate of 5% with estimated revenue of $56.6 billion in the financial year 2021 despite COVID-19 challenges.

Why aftermarket e-commerce shows no signs of slowing down

Improved supply chain activity with technology deployments such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and automation has boosted the growth of e-commerce platforms in the automotive sector,” the company said in an announcement. “Further, rising awareness of automotive OEMs to establish an omnichannel presence promotes them to deploy e-commerce practices, thereby offering growth opportunities for the e-commerce aftermarket parts.

Will India’s e-Commerce Retail Market Overtake Modern Trade In Few Years?

E-commerce retail market in India is witnessing a steady growth and experts have predicted that the segment will reach new heights in coming years. Amid all this boom, the modern trade in the country is holding its own. However, the prevalent Covid pandemic has an impact on the way the business is being done and the evolving pattern is key to understand where the e-commerce retail market and modern trade are heading in the near future

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