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Home Blog Fresh Findings 1st to 7th Sep 2022

Fresh Findings - 1st to 7th Sep 2022

FMCG and Influencer Marketing Make a Power Couple

Fast-moving consumer goods (FCMG) go hand in hand with influencer marketing. Influencer Marketing marketplace, Zefmo, found that the FMCG category was the highest spender on influencer marketing in 2021, increasing their spending by more than 62%, compared to an average of 40% across all sectors.

#FMCG #InfluencerMarketing #Zefmo

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Brands to splurge on Connected TV advertising this festive season

E-commerce, Lifestyle, Auto, FMCG, BFSI, and Ed-tech brands will be spending big on Connected TVs. As per experts, advertisers are willing to shell out a premium of 2x to be on CTVs this festive season

#ConnectedTV #Advertising #FestiveSeason #Brands

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TGA fines JSHealth for ‘unlawful advertising’

Health and wellness brand JSHealth has been fined $26,640 for alleged “unlawful use of restricted and prohibited representations” by The Therapeutic Goods Administration. But the company claims the penalty has arisen from a misunderstanding.

#JSHealth #UnlawfulAdvertising #TGA #Fined

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Advertising battle takes serious turn as FMCG biggies resort to brutal ad campaigns

Naming your rival in an advertising commercial at one point was unthinkable. At best, there was subtlety where it would something similar would be shown. It was a little mischievous but intended to create a controversy. The smarter brands stole the thunder from right under the nose and there is perhaps a no better example than Pepsi's

#Advertising #Commercial #BigBrands #FMCG

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Flipkart flags off its #HomeFlipover campaign

Flipkart, India’s homegrown e-commerce marketplace, launched its new home campaign #HomeFlipover to showcase its wide selection of high-quality home products, perfect for a home transformation. Driven by customer insights, Flipkart aims to reach women across the country, offering them the ease of shopping premium brands at an affordable price.

#Flipkart #HomeFlipover #Campaign #HomeProducts

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How FMCG brands leveraging data for targeting in a cookie-less world

Data has always been used to run well-oiled marketing campaigns. The shift towards online shopping, e-commerce and social media instantly generated far more data than earlier, with apps and websites freely tracking customers’ online behaviour. Digital marketing leverages such data to determine new product launches, market trends, swings in customer behaviour, and so on.

#FMCG #Data #Targeting #CustomerBehaviour

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