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Home Blog Fresh Findings 22nd to 31st August 2021

Fresh Findings - 22nd to 31st August 2021

List Of Top Indian Advertising Campaigns In August 2021

ith affordability and easy availability of the internet, the average data consumption per smartphone in India, has increased to 14.6GB per month. It is the second highest in the world, according to the Ericsson Mobility Report of 2021. With web series, stand-up gigs, music videos, and even TV content coming up on the internet in the form of promos and episode snippets, how can advertisements be far behind? These days we even see teasers for lengthy advertisements, which are proving to be the new rage. It’s the longer ads that are unwaveringly climbing the popularity ladder.

#Advertising #Campaigns #Amazon #CultFit #HDFC #Malabar #GlowAndLovely #CadburyCelebrations #AxisBank #

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The making of ‘We The 15’, the 10-year campaign to make disability ordinary

The Paralympic Games turn the world’s eyes to the achievements of the superhuman athletes that take part, but the reality is that the vast majority of the millions of disabled people are distinctly ordinary. That recognition – and the desire to have the ordinariness of disability acknowledged by the public – lies behind Adam & Eve DDB’s ’We The 15’ campaign, the name of which references the 15% of the global population who are disabled.

#WeThe15 #Campaign #Disability #ModernMarketing #Diversity #ParalympicGames #Paralympics #BrandPurpose

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Three Steps For Creating A Successful OOH Campaign

Customer mobility appears to be returning to pre-pandemic rates in many categories. Given this, advertisers have an opportunity to plan and test campaigns. And as the VP of growth at a company that offers an out-of-home (OOH) advertising platform, I believe one medium that you should consider for your reentry marketing campaign is OOH.

#OOHCampaign #OOHAdvertising #Advertising #Campaign

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Zomato looks to counter gig worker criticism

The ads come in the wake of recent criticism that riders had to work long hours, with declining incentives, for low pay. In the past few months, several anonymous Twitter handles have cropped up to highlight the daily ordeals of food delivery staff.

#Zomato #GigWorker #HarCustomerHaiStar #FoodDelivery

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The 3-Step Guide for Companies Wanting to Execute a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign, From an Influencer's Perspective

Many entrepreneurs are still not tapping into the massive growth opportunity of influencer marketing. They may be cautious to partner with influencers due to perceived costs, or may have no clue on how to put together a creative brief or manage an influencer marketing campaign from start to finish.

#Entrepreneurs #InfluencerMarketing #Influencer #Campaign

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When advertisers hoard hot agencies

It's common practice for big brands to tie up the best and brightest agencies in exclusive contracts that effectively take them out of the market, according to the founder and CEO of consultant TrinityP3. Is this anti-competitive bullying, or just smart business?

#Advertising #Agency #AgencyCollab #CreativeAgency

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