Dec 13, 2022

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15% rise in job applications during appraisal months

Employees tend to look for better opportunities mostly due to the increase in compensation after appraisal. 10% of senior management professionals also tend to change jobs during the appraisal season.

Blue Bird Appoints Top Executive for Global Supply Chain Management

Blue Bird Corporation (Nasdaq: BLBD), the leader in electric and low-emission school buses, announced the appointment of Jim Nelles as senior vice president, Global Supply Chain Management. Nelles is responsible for optimizing Blue Bird’s global supply chain, ensuring best-in-class cost, quality, and throughput, and forging long-term strategic partnerships to secure critical components.

An Amazon applicant who Jeff Bezos hired ‘on the spot’ shares 5 ways to ‘instantly impress’ during the job interview

1. Tell unforgettable stories behind your hobbies and interests. 2. Talk about what you don’t know, but are eager to learn. 3. Use teamwork words like ‘we’ and ‘my team’. 4. Talk about ideas that didn’t work. 5. Go beyond the job description and have a vision of the future

NTPC is hiring 60 executive trainees with a maximum monthly salary of ₹1,40,000

National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) is looking forward to fueling its growth plans by hiring 60 executive trainees (ET) in various departments across the country. The selected candidates will undergo a training period of one year at various places. The final posting will be decided after the competition of training across the country.

Customer experience solutions provider Concentrix to hire 2,500 employees

The company will be hiring mid to senior-level software engineers, project managers and technical architects across several verticals, including telecom and media, technology and software, fintech, transportation and logistics, industrial, retail and healthcare, Dinesh Venugopal, president at Concentrix Catalyst said.

Remote Work Has Opened the Door to a New Approach to Hiring

A flexible or open talent model is particularly worth considering. Flexible and open talent are broad terms, covering scenarios from local freelancers coming on-premises to globally distributed online contractors to innovation sourcing through tournaments or contests.

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