May 22, 2021

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Real estate sector to cross $1 trillion by 2030: Housing Secretary

In 2019-20, real estate sector contributed nearly 7 per cent to our GDP. Its total contribution was to the tune of USD 200 billion to our GDP....And projections are that by 2030 this number is going to cross USD 1 trillion,

Understanding Current Market Signals In Real Estate Investment Planning

By the end of 2020, housing prices had risen in major metropolitan areas in the country, allowing homeowners to see the value of their homes increase substantially. For first-time buyers this was not such good news, however, causing many to put their purchasing plans on pause while prices continue to the upswing. The housing market appears to be as hot as ever — until you start to look more closely, that is.

Real estate: A significant contributor to the Indian economy

t is not only pent-up demand that will push growth but the country is going through a structural transformation in housing demand. This is because of a combination of first-time homebuyers, and customers moving up the property ladder to shift to larger homes or acquiring a second home in another location, that is at play.

Stocks vs Real Estate: Where Should You Invest?

There are several factors to consider when choosing investments, including your financial circumstances and objectives and the timing of the investment. While successful investing is often all about having as diverse a portfolio as possible, sometimes you’ll be faced with a straight choice as to what to invest in.

Real estate industry set to see a structural boom in this decade

The dominant role played by the real estate industry towards the country's economic prosperity is well known and the structural growth in housing expected over the next few quarters is likely to cement this position even further. All the requirements for a housing boom are well aligned - a growing working population, rapid urbanization, shift to nuclear families, lowest interest rates ever and a pandemic which has driven home the point of having one’s own home.

Exploring The Tax Benefits Of Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing can provide for significant tax benefits, but the trick – and often the tallest hurdle – is identifying the available strategies and understanding how and when to use them.

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