Jun 01, 2021

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Urban Indians likely to adopt AR/VR solutions for retail shopping

Data shows that interest in adopting the technology varies across categories. Clothing and technology are top categories to draw consumers’ interest in trying out these solutions, with highest numbers coming from India.

The Overlooked and Undervalued Importance of Marketing

while marketing is arguably the most powerful tool driving revenue and profit, it is also one of the first departments to experience cuts in a downturn. And,for some reason, people seem to believe it doesn’t require any real skill or knowledge. Done right marketing isn’t easy, and it requires a great deal of skill and knowledge.

5 real-world multichannel marketing examples

Companies want their content, marketing and advertising efforts to create a positive UX for their audiences. They also want prospective customers to see their content on search engines, blogs, emails, social media platforms, video and audio platforms, and traditional print or television that customers interact with every day.

Are you ready to break your marketing and do something better?

Break Sh!t - A Terminus Conference - brought together nine marketing experts to share one thing they would like every marketer to either stop doing - or break. The 15 minute sessions were all great, with experts sharing things in marketing that need to change if we want to deliver better customer experiences.

B2B marketing: Connecting people between two businesses

marketing a company brand name usually means playing to different target audiences, including shareholders and venture capitalists, than are typically the top targets for the actual B2B products or services. Rarely does a company see a return on any investment in marketing the company brand among the buyers of those services and products marketed under their own individual names; the money is better spent on the product's or service's brand.

Three Marketing Tactics Your Business Should Keep Using In 2021

The global pandemic has prompted many changes within all aspects of our lives and we have all had to adapt. As marketers, it is important to keep an eye on these changes in marketing tactics and trends and decide which ones to hold onto.

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