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Home Blog Fresh Findings 24th to 30th April 2021

Fresh Findings - 24th to 30th April 2021

Designing thinking for the post-Covid world

As the world reels under the second wave of pandemic, experts from various domains like medicine, healthcare, technology, public policy are trying to innovate processes to safeguard human lives and develop protocols to cope with this new normal. However, it’s a complex problem which requires creative solutions which design is competent to offer.

#CreativeSolutionn #DesignIdea #ComplexSystem #Newprotocols

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Design thinking is core for employee and customer engagement

Two experts share their hard-earned insights on the role of design thinking during the pandemic era and beyond. “Before April 2020, we had never conducted a virtual training programme. In March 2021, we conducted over 300,” explains Anirban Bhattacharya, founder of art-based training institute The Painted Sky, in a chat with YourStory.

#PandemicEra #DesignInsights #CustomerEnagement

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Innovative design thinking for a fast-changing world

Blade Kotelly is a senior lecturer at MIT on design thinking, user interfaces, and innovation whose enthusiasm for cars is intertwined with his passion for innovative design. Despite Kotelly’s love affair with the internal combustion engine, he realizes the technology is heading for endangered species list. “We are going to see a huge shift to electric cars, not just for the environment but because the total operating cost is lower,” he says.

#InnovativeDesign #Technology #ElectricCars

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Using design thinking to cultivate the next generation of female STEM thinkers

How many women around you are working in areas related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)? According to the statistics, your answer is likely to be lower than the number of men who work in STEM. Japan is known for the highest rate of gender inequality in the workplace among high-income countries. Female students in higher education represent only 36.9% of undergraduates and 26.7% of master’s students in STEM-related areas. The under-representation of women is notable in academia, where women make up 7.4% of faculty in sciences and 4.9% in engineering.

#GenderEquality #FemaleStudents #HigherEducation #Sciencetechnology

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For budding food entrepreneurs, design thinking is the essential skill for the future

Starting a business is not as easy as people think. Many have this crazy notion of just leaving the job they no longer want, aiming to be the boss, investing money on their startup brand, and they’re off to the yellow brick road of success. Unfortunately, that is a bedtime story. What really happens next is sustaining things, which is far harder, and then comes business decisions to make as a group, which are never a breeze.

#Entrepreneurs #Sustainable #EssentialSkills

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How To Empower All Levels Of Your Business Through Design

The story of technology company Apple is a fantastic one about how a small company that started out serving Silicon Valley became one of the largest and most famous companies to impact our world. I believe that Apple's strength is not in the company's size or the number of employees. The key to the company's success is its focus on design and innovation. What if I told you that any entrepreneur can use a similar approach to supercharge their company?

#DesignInnovation #Empowerment #TechSpace

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