Nov 14, 2021

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Four golden rules of sustainability with Raka Sinha, L’Oreal

“First, make sure you take a holistic approach on sustainability, because all the initiatives and all the aspects of sustainability are highly interconnected. It means, are your suppliers and distribution chains playing their part? Second, have clear key performance indicators (KPIs) set objectives that are specific, measurable, and within a timeframe. Third, push for big, audacious goals, commit publicly, and then find ways to make it happen. Fourth, digital tech science is your greatest ally in this fight,” explained Sinha.

Brands leveraging automation

The panelists who were a part of the discussion were Sriram Padmanabhan, vice president – marketing, Nissan India; Shashank Srivastava, senior executive director, Maruti Suzuki; Reema Jain, chief digital officer, Vodafone; Abhinav Sahai, co-founder and chief operating officer, Niswey and Sandeep Anand, chief marketing officer and executive vice president, Domino’s, Jubilant FoodWorks.

The ‘doom loop’ of digital marketing, Rajesh Jain, Netcore Cloud

Driven by rising ad costs, reacquisition, less valuable customers, the impending demise of third party cookies and the Apple privacy framework, Jain introduced the ‘Doom Loop’ of advertising. “One third of all acquisition is actually reacquisition of all customers,” he said.

Elevate your app strategy for the Indian festive season

Wrapping up, the top three must do’s for a marketer to harness this enormous advertising potential during this festive season were, how brands are solving problems for users, how they’re communicating the problem, and are you able to communicate every time the user is looking for a solution the problem for Upadhyay. Don’t oversimplify, use your app data rightly and don’t overcomplicate were three key points highlighted by Bhattacharya.

Should marketing automation be outsourced to a consulting or agency partner?

Rustogi also spoke about the different aspects of marketing automation and how while some may be outsourced, some should just remain in-house. “The aspects of marketing automation which are more repetitive could probably be outsourced. However, there are certain things which are core to the customer experience. The core competencies of an organisation should largely remain in-house,” he added.

Winning over the content savvy India

Speaking about the future of content and how much it needs to evolve further, Subramanian said that the need has been the same but the format needs to be more engaging. “Technology makes it cheaper to produce content and distribute content ,” he added.

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